Elevated Views: Unwind at Lawson Park

"Lawson Park" masterfully addresses the challenge of a steep grade change by incorporating an elevated deck and pergola, creating a stunning vantage point over the large rectangular pool below. This thoughtful design not only optimizes the space but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the backyard, turning a potential obstacle into a standout feature of the home.

The deck, built with high-quality wood and supported by robust carpentry, serves as a perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment, overlooking the beautifully landscaped pool area. The pergola, offering both shade and style, complements the deck's elevated position, providing a comfortable and picturesque setting for enjoying the outdoors.

Below the deck, the pool area is surrounded by generous planting beds filled with a variety of blooms that promise vibrant seasonal displays and a low-maintenance landscape. Natural stones and interlocking stone pathways add texture and character to the space, while a well-designed retaining wall ensures the integrity and usability of the sloped garden. "Lawson Park" is a prime example of how architectural ingenuity and natural beauty can be harmoniously blended to create an outdoor living area that is both functional and visually captivating.

Atmosphere: A Modern Retreat for Serenity and Socializing

"Atmosphere" serves as a testament to modern design, seamlessly extending the client's indoor renovations to the outdoors with a Leisure Pools Harmony 20 in Graphite Grey as its focal point. Installed in 2018, this pool embodies a minimalist aesthetic, paired perfectly with the calm and peace desired by the homeowner.

The rear space is meticulously organized into functional and aesthetic zones, blending wood structures, stone pathways, and verdant greenery to create a harmonious environment. An inviting pergola stands alongside the pool, offering a shaded area for relaxation or lively social gatherings. The surrounding patio and pool deck, crafted with interlocking stone, provide ample space for late-night barbecues and pool parties, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for friends and family.

Strategic outdoor lighting enhances the space’s modern appeal, illuminating the garden beds and highlighting the pool’s sleek edges after sunset. The landscape design incorporates a flat-bottom lap pool, complemented by a carefully selected array of sod and turf, ensuring low maintenance yet visually striking green spaces. A fire feature adds a warm glow to the evenings, enhancing the serene yet sociable ambiance that defines "Atmosphere."

Love in Every Corner: Explore That's Amore!

"That's Amore" captures the essence of expansive family living within a uniquely shaped property, utilizing a Leisure Pools Pinnacle 40 in Sapphire Blue as the centerpiece. This project was a perfect opportunity to sculpt a new landscape around a new build house, taking advantage of a large pie-shaped lot to create distinct functional zones through innovative grading and natural stone retaining walls.

The pool area, with its splash deck and sloping bottom, is designed for both leisure and safety, making it ideal for family gatherings. Surrounding the pool, flat areas defined by elegant stonework and interlocking stones provide ample space for a variety of activities. A gazebo offers a shaded retreat, while thoughtfully placed patio furniture invites relaxation and socializing near the barbecue area.

Lush garden plantings, low-maintenance sod, and turf create a verdant frame around the outdoor spaces, with walkways guiding movement throughout the property. The design includes a dedicated playground, ensuring that children have a safe and fun space to play, truly making the backyard a place of love and enjoyment for all ages. "That's Amore" is not just a residence but a haven of joy and relaxation, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of family dynamics.

Seamless Elegance: Discover Country Sheek

"Country Sheek" exemplifies seamless integration between home and nature, centered around a Leisure Pools Supreme 40 in Graphite Grey. This pool acts as a natural extension of the home, drawing the eye outward and enhancing the living space by merging it with the outdoors. The reflective surface of the pool captures the surrounding forest, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion that changes with the seasons.

Situated on a farm, the property balances cultivated and natural environments. Close to the pool, a pond mirrors the pool’s water color, enhancing the sense of continuity between the man-made and natural water bodies. The extensive lawn, adorned with a charming kids' playhouse, stretches towards a backdrop of native trees, forming a small private woodland that invites exploration and adventure.

The landscaping around the pool includes meticulously laid interlocking stone, sod, and turf, which contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the outdoor area. A hot tub adjacent to the pool offers a warm, relaxing counterpoint to the cool waters of the pool, making this backyard perfect for family activities and serene relaxation. "Country Sheek" is more than just a space; it’s a lifestyle choice that emphasizes harmony with nature and the fluidity of indoor-outdoor living.

Modern Elegance in the Countryside: Explore Rural Magic

"Rural Magic" merges the simplicity of rural aesthetics with the sophistication of modern luxury, creating a harmonious outdoor living space centered around a sleek rectangular lap pool with a flat bottom. This backyard sanctuary is designed not just for swimming but as a vibrant social hub, complete with lush landscaping, flowering garden beds, and versatile sitting areas for relaxation and dining.

Adjacent to the pool, a charming guest house offers comfortable accommodations with a view of the water, integrating seamlessly into the overall landscape. The space is further enhanced by high-quality interlocking stone that forms the patio and pool deck, extending to a beautifully crafted walkway that leads through the vibrant front yard garden. This pathway sets the stage for the property’s entrance, flanked by colorful plantings that captivate and welcome visitors.

The architectural design of the main house features a modern luxury touch with high vaulted ceilings that extend over a covered patio deck, offering a spacious and airy feel while providing sheltered outdoor living spaces. This area is perfectly equipped for hosting barbecues or simply enjoying quiet evenings in a picturesque setting. "Rural Magic" perfectly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it a quintessential setting for those who appreciate the elegance of modern design and the tranquility of country living.

Retreat into Serenity: Discover the Country Cottage

"Country Cottage" is your private sanctuary nestled in the serenity of the countryside, designed to blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings. This picturesque retreat centers around a large rectangular pool with a sloping bottom and a splash deck, crafted to mirror the vibrant colors of nature and enhance the dream-like quality of the landscape.

The pool is set within a carefully designed garden, replete with lush plantings and flower beds that frame the water, creating a living tableau of colors and textures. A combination of interlocking stone and meticulous stonework forms pathways and steps, leading through the garden and inviting exploration of every corner of this peaceful retreat.

Comfort is paramount in the "Country Cottage" design, with cozy patio furniture arranged near a fire feature, providing a warm, inviting space to unwind. The landscape includes a living fence and a retaining wall that not only provides privacy and security but also integrates organically with the natural environment. The overall design of the Country Cottage is a homage to the tranquility of rural life, offering a serene escape from the bustle of everyday worries.

Escape to the Forest: Experience Northern Reflections

"Northern Reflections" offers a serene escape that seamlessly blends with the natural woodland surroundings. Centered around a unique lap pool, whose greenish hue mirrors the color of a natural pond, this landscape design promotes a profound connection with nature. The pool is accompanied by a charming tiny home that doubles as a pool house, enhancing the rustic and tranquil feel of the space.

Surrounding the pool, the landscape features lush sod and turf bordered by meticulously placed natural stones and a variety of plants that thrive under the canopy of surrounding trees. The area is defined by a wooden structure that hosts pool furniture, perfect for relaxing, sunbathing, or enjoying a barbecue. Every element, from the interlocking stone pathways to the strategic garden planting, is thoughtfully designed to maintain the illusion of a natural retreat hidden within the woods.

A fence discreetly encircles the property, ensuring privacy while blending into the landscape, making "Northern Reflections" not just a backyard but a personal haven where one can unwind in the beauty of a forest-like environment.

Embrace Safety & Fun: Discover the Whotley Charm Oasis

"Whotley Charm" offers an enchanting oasis in the comfort of your backyard, designed around the graceful contours of a Leisure Pools Eclipse 30 in Graphite Grey. This free-form pool, has 30 feet in size, features a sloping bottom and a splash deck, meticulously tailored to meet the safety needs of families with young children while providing a luxurious retreat for relaxation and play.

Surrounding the pool, the landscape incorporates natural stones and interlocking stone pathways that meander through strategically placed, low-maintenance garden plantings. These elements not only enhance the oasis feel but also ensure that beauty persists with minimal upkeep. The pool area is bordered by a tasteful fence that complements the serene design while ensuring safety and privacy.

Above the poolside, a pergola stands as a stylish architectural element, offering shaded relief from the sun and creating a perfect spot for outdoor relaxation or entertainment. "Whotley Charm" is a true backyard retreat, where every detail from the curve of the pool to the choice of planting is designed to foster a peaceful, family-friendly environment that invites daily enjoyment and leisure.

Your Own Club-Like Backyard with Pool and Built-in Spa

"Positive Vibes!!" transports you to a private club-like oasis right in your backyard, merging entertainment with relaxation in a family-friendly setting. This expansive project centers around a large free-form pool with a sloping bottom and splash deck, designed to cater to both energetic gatherings and serene afternoons.

A built-in spa and a stylish pool bar enhance the resort feel, inviting guests to relax and socialize while enjoying the water. The surrounding patio and pool deck are crafted from natural stones and interlocking stone, providing durable yet attractive areas for sunbathing and poolside lounging. Adjacent to the pool, a spacious barbecue area is set on a wooden deck, offering a perfect spot for grilling and dining under the stars.

The garden incorporates low-maintenance plantings that add a touch of greenery without requiring extensive upkeep, surrounded by a carefully designed hardscape that includes retaining walls and a protective fence. A charming gazebo offers an additional covered space to escape the sun, making this backyard not just a place to relax, but a complete outdoor living space tailored for enjoyment and relaxation. "Positive Vibes!!" epitomizes a club-like atmosphere with all the comforts of home, designed to generate memorable moments with family and friends.

Who Said Small Backyards Can't Have a Pool?

"Action Packed" embodies modern minimalism with its straightforward yet stunning outdoor design, perfect for a small backyard. This project features a medium-sized plunge pool with a flat bottom, strategically placed to maximize the use of space while providing a refreshing retreat from the summer heat.

The surrounding area is elegantly outfitted with natural stones and interlocking stone work that lend a sleek, clean look to the landscape. These elements are carefully chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their low maintenance qualities, ensuring the outdoor space remains beautiful with minimal effort. Complementary low-maintenance plantings add a touch of greenery without requiring constant care.

At the heart of this minimalist backyard is a fire feature, creating a striking contrast to the cool waters of the pool. This feature not only provides warmth on cooler evenings but also serves as a central gathering spot for friends and family. A covered porch with a wooden deck extends from the home, featuring a barbecue and a small table for outdoor dining or morning coffee. The entire setup is enclosed by a simple yet stylish fence, ensuring privacy while enhancing the modern feel of the space. "Action Packed" is a testament to how a minimalist design can create a dynamic and enjoyable outdoor living area.

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