Our Warranty

At Countryside Landscape & Pools, we stand behind the quality of our work and are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of satisfaction. We offer comprehensive warranty coverage for our landscaping and pool installation services to ensure that your investment is protected.
Plant Material Warranty
Hardscape Construction Warranty
Leisure Pools Warranty

Plant Material Warranty

  • Coverage Duration: 6 months from the date of installation.
  • Details: We offer a one-time replacement warranty for all plant materials supplied and installed by our team, contingent upon the client's adherence to proper care and maintenance guidelines.
  • Client Responsibilities: It is crucial for the owner/client to ensure adequate watering and maintenance of all plant materials during the warranty period.
  • Exclusions: Specific plant selections, numbers, and sizes may be subject to substitution without notice if stock becomes unavailable. In such cases, a suitable substitution will be made by a Countryside Landscape representative.
Luxury backyard with pool and modern landscaping.

Hardscape Construction Warranty

  • Coverage Duration: 2 years from the date of completion.
  • Details: This warranty covers workmanship on hardscape constructions including pavers, pool decks, patios, retaining walls, walkways, and fire pits.
  • Client Responsibilities: Proper maintenance procedures must be practiced to keep the warranty valid.
  • Exclusions: We are not responsible for any damages arising from natural material changes such as staining, discoloring, efflorescence, cracking, chipping, or changes in shape of wood, poured-in-place concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, natural stone, concrete pavers, or brick after installation. Damage caused by de-icing salts or any other products applied to these materials is also excluded.
Backyard in-ground swimming pool with patio and landscaping.

Leisure Pools Warranty

  • Coverage Duration: Lifetime* Structural Warranty and Lifetime* Structural Osmosis Warranty.
  • Details: As an authorized dealer of Leisure Pools, we provide each pool with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. These warranties cover failures due to manufacturing defects and osmosis, ensuring your pool's structure remains intact over time.
  • Client Responsibility: To maintain these warranties, clients must adhere to proper pool maintenance and care guidelines as specified at the time of installation.
  • Exclusions: The warranties do not cover damage due to improper chemical use, physical abuse, or issues arising from unauthorized alterations or repairs.
  • Note: Countryside Landscape & Pools will handle all Leisure Pools warranty claims directly, offering a straightforward process for addressing any concerns.

* This lifetime warranty structure underscores our confidence in the quality of Leisure Pools products, ensuring that your investment is protected against the test of time and nature, while you enjoy peace of mind with a stunning, durable backyard centerpiece.

Warranty Claims Process

To file a warranty claim, please contact us directly through our customer service or email [email protected].
Provide detailed information about the issue and any relevant photographs or documents.
Our team will review your claim and respond promptly to address and resolve the issue according to the terms of your warranty.
By maintaining these standards and providing clear, detailed information about our warranties, Countryside Landscape & Pools ensures that our clients can enjoy their outdoor spaces with confidence and peace of mind.

Note: Warranty work will only be completed once all contractual payments have been made in full.
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