Sleek & Unique | Modern Pool and Garden Design

"Sleek & Unique" showcases the seamless integration of modern aesthetics and functional family living following a significant renovation of a sophisticated residence. Centered around a Leisure Pools Pinnacle 40 in Sapphire Blue, this design emphasizes the pool not only as a leisure spot but as an artistic statement visible from the home's interior, enhancing the visual connectivity and appeal.

The garden's layout mirrors the refined quality of the renovated interiors, with meticulous landscaping that includes lush sod and turf, neatly arranged garden planting, and precise hardscaping with interlocking stone. This creates a continuous flow from the indoor living spaces to the outdoor oasis, ensuring that the views are as stunning from the inside out as they are from outside in.

Adding a playful yet stylish touch to the family-friendly environment, there's an owner-crafted container tiny house that serves both as a unique architectural element and practical living space. Adjacent to it, a well-equipped kids' playground offers a safe and inviting area for children to enjoy, making "Sleek & Unique" not just an architectural marvel but a haven for family activities. The design harmoniously balances modern elegance with the warmth and functionality needed for family life.

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