Wood and Water | Nature-Inspired Pool Backyard with Elemental Features

Welcome to "Wood and Water," a sanctuary where nature and design converge to create a family-friendly landscape that celebrates outdoor living. This project is a testament to complete landscape design, seamlessly integrating lush gardens, a free-form pool, and natural stonework to create an immersive green retreat.

At the heart of this retreat lies a large pool with a sloping bottom and splash deck, ideal for family enjoyment and cooling off during warm summer days. Surrounding the pool, a variety of garden beds flourish, featuring an array of plant species that bring color and life to the space. A charming gazebo and a quaint tiny home or guest house provide comfortable and picturesque spaces for relaxation or accommodating overnight guests.

The landscape is thoughtfully designed with children in mind, featuring ample green space for a playground where kids can play and explore safely within view of the adult relaxation areas. A serene water pond, encircled by vibrant plantings, adds a peaceful element to the garden, enhancing the naturalistic feel of the environment. Pathways and steps, crafted from interlocking stone and other natural materials, guide you through the diverse zones of this expansive yard, each designed for different uses but unified by wood structures and intricate carpentry.

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