39 Corners | Family-Friendly Award Winning Landscape | Waterfall Pool House Paradise

"39 Corners" stands as a testament to sophisticated countryside living, harmoniously blending family-friendly features with luxurious design across an intricate landscape shaped by its unique architectural count of 39 corners. This expansive property features a large rectangular pool with a sloping bottom, beautifully integrated into a complete landscape design that emphasizes open, usable spaces for family activities and relaxation.

The grounds are adorned with a lush array of garden plantings and sodded turf that stretch towards the horizon, mirroring the vast surrounding plantation fields. Strategic hardscaping, including elegant interlocking stone paths and steps, guide you through the serene outdoor spaces, leading to various points of interest such as a cozy gazebo and a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, pool house.

Central to the family-oriented design is a large outdoor dining area featuring a big table where family and friends can gather. A nearby fire feature adds a warm, inviting glow to the evenings, enhancing the cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Additional luxury is provided by a well-appointed hot tub and water features that add a soothing auditory backdrop to this pastoral paradise. "39 Corners" marries comfort and luxury, making it a perfect retreat for both relaxation and joyful family gatherings.

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