Atmosphere: A Modern Retreat for Serenity and Socializing

"Atmosphere" serves as a testament to modern design, seamlessly extending the client's indoor renovations to the outdoors with a Leisure Pools Harmony 20 in Graphite Grey as its focal point. Installed in 2018, this pool embodies a minimalist aesthetic, paired perfectly with the calm and peace desired by the homeowner.

The rear space is meticulously organized into functional and aesthetic zones, blending wood structures, stone pathways, and verdant greenery to create a harmonious environment. An inviting pergola stands alongside the pool, offering a shaded area for relaxation or lively social gatherings. The surrounding patio and pool deck, crafted with interlocking stone, provide ample space for late-night barbecues and pool parties, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for friends and family.

Strategic outdoor lighting enhances the space’s modern appeal, illuminating the garden beds and highlighting the pool’s sleek edges after sunset. The landscape design incorporates a flat-bottom lap pool, complemented by a carefully selected array of sod and turf, ensuring low maintenance yet visually striking green spaces. A fire feature adds a warm glow to the evenings, enhancing the serene yet sociable ambiance that defines "Atmosphere."

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