Love in Every Corner: Explore That's Amore!

"That's Amore" captures the essence of expansive family living within a uniquely shaped property, utilizing a Leisure Pools Pinnacle 40 in Sapphire Blue as the centerpiece. This project was a perfect opportunity to sculpt a new landscape around a new build house, taking advantage of a large pie-shaped lot to create distinct functional zones through innovative grading and natural stone retaining walls.

The pool area, with its splash deck and sloping bottom, is designed for both leisure and safety, making it ideal for family gatherings. Surrounding the pool, flat areas defined by elegant stonework and interlocking stones provide ample space for a variety of activities. A gazebo offers a shaded retreat, while thoughtfully placed patio furniture invites relaxation and socializing near the barbecue area.

Lush garden plantings, low-maintenance sod, and turf create a verdant frame around the outdoor spaces, with walkways guiding movement throughout the property. The design includes a dedicated playground, ensuring that children have a safe and fun space to play, truly making the backyard a place of love and enjoyment for all ages. "That's Amore" is not just a residence but a haven of joy and relaxation, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of family dynamics.

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