Retreat into Serenity: Discover the Country Cottage

"Country Cottage" is your private sanctuary nestled in the serenity of the countryside, designed to blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings. This picturesque retreat centers around a large rectangular pool with a sloping bottom and a splash deck, crafted to mirror the vibrant colors of nature and enhance the dream-like quality of the landscape.

The pool is set within a carefully designed garden, replete with lush plantings and flower beds that frame the water, creating a living tableau of colors and textures. A combination of interlocking stone and meticulous stonework forms pathways and steps, leading through the garden and inviting exploration of every corner of this peaceful retreat.

Comfort is paramount in the "Country Cottage" design, with cozy patio furniture arranged near a fire feature, providing a warm, inviting space to unwind. The landscape includes a living fence and a retaining wall that not only provides privacy and security but also integrates organically with the natural environment. The overall design of the Country Cottage is a homage to the tranquility of rural life, offering a serene escape from the bustle of everyday worries.

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