Escape to the Forest: Experience Northern Reflections

"Northern Reflections" offers a serene escape that seamlessly blends with the natural woodland surroundings. Centered around a unique lap pool, whose greenish hue mirrors the color of a natural pond, this landscape design promotes a profound connection with nature. The pool is accompanied by a charming tiny home that doubles as a pool house, enhancing the rustic and tranquil feel of the space.

Surrounding the pool, the landscape features lush sod and turf bordered by meticulously placed natural stones and a variety of plants that thrive under the canopy of surrounding trees. The area is defined by a wooden structure that hosts pool furniture, perfect for relaxing, sunbathing, or enjoying a barbecue. Every element, from the interlocking stone pathways to the strategic garden planting, is thoughtfully designed to maintain the illusion of a natural retreat hidden within the woods.

A fence discreetly encircles the property, ensuring privacy while blending into the landscape, making "Northern Reflections" not just a backyard but a personal haven where one can unwind in the beauty of a forest-like environment.

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