Embrace Safety & Fun: Discover the Whotley Charm Oasis

"Whotley Charm" offers an enchanting oasis in the comfort of your backyard, designed around the graceful contours of a Leisure Pools Eclipse 30 in Graphite Grey. This free-form pool, has 30 feet in size, features a sloping bottom and a splash deck, meticulously tailored to meet the safety needs of families with young children while providing a luxurious retreat for relaxation and play.

Surrounding the pool, the landscape incorporates natural stones and interlocking stone pathways that meander through strategically placed, low-maintenance garden plantings. These elements not only enhance the oasis feel but also ensure that beauty persists with minimal upkeep. The pool area is bordered by a tasteful fence that complements the serene design while ensuring safety and privacy.

Above the poolside, a pergola stands as a stylish architectural element, offering shaded relief from the sun and creating a perfect spot for outdoor relaxation or entertainment. "Whotley Charm" is a true backyard retreat, where every detail from the curve of the pool to the choice of planting is designed to foster a peaceful, family-friendly environment that invites daily enjoyment and leisure.

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